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Zhongshan Arify Automation Equipment Co., ltd.

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Zhongshan Arify Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. was founded by a group of people with great ambition and enthusiasm of production automation. We have profound engineering genes and culture, and we have determined that the technology innovation is our core motivation of future sustainable development.

Located in Xiaolan town where is a base of hardware and machinery industry, we have great advantages to research and develop kinds of excellent equipment especially for machining industry. Since the year of 2015, we have obtained many honors such as “National High-Tech Enterprise”, “Zhongshan Machine Tool Enterprise Unit”, “Guangdong High-Tech Product”, we also obtained many national and provincial patent certificates.

All automation equipment we have developed can be widely applied in industries like hardware machining, mold machining and machinery equipment production to greatly save production and labor costs, efficiently decrease manufacturing difficulties and improve production efficiency, while can be operated. This truly solves labor and operation problems for manufacturing companies with our original attention of “Making operation easier, Replacing human with machine”

The era of industry 4.0 has come, the industry 5.0 is not far away, we embrace the new era because we firmly believe that the industry is the solid foundation of development of a country, that is the reason we have been dedicating ourselves to this career until we see it happening.

Add:No. 9, Jixi, Wencheng Road East, Xiaolan Town, Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province, China.
Contact :Mr. Jiang
Cellphone :+86-15976072388
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