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Zhongshan Arify Automaton Equipment Co., ltd.
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Zhongshan Arify Automation Equipment Co., ltd.

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Extensive experiences in hardware machining industry

We have been dedicated and specialized in manufacturing automation machinery equipment for decades including drilling machine, milling machine, tapping machine and mechanical arm and so on, all those products have brought us rich experiences in this industry.


Technical team with skilled engineers and workers

Through the investigation of the current market feedback and customer requirement, we design and make suitable equipment to solve problems that customers have in their daily production to achieve the goals of simple operation, low cost and production automation. 


Renowned brand parts ensure products quality

Over 3000 square meter factory for manufacture along with strict quality management system, besides, the good relationship with reputable suppliers brings unique design and stable quality at reasonable price. Numerous patents on the wall have proven our ability of manufacturing and innovation.


Providing customization service and technical support

We have 7*24 service system for quick response to customers requirements. No matter equipment customization solution or after-sale support, it’s the priority for us to take actions to fulfil customers trust because your satisfaction is the first thing to take into consideration.

Add:No. 9, Jixi, Wencheng Road East, Xiaolan Town, Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province, China.
Contact :Mr. Jiang
Cellphone :+86-15976072388
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