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What Dose CAD/CAM/CAE Stand For?

人气:299Published time:2021/7/1 10:58:12

Let us learn in this article more about what is CAD, CAM AND CAE and what the difference is between them.


What Is CAD?

CAD means computer-aided design, Design with the help of a computer. CAD is a generic term used to specify a design that was done on computers.

Two Dimensional CAD

In two dimensional CAD, you can only see the X and Y axis of an object. Separate views are required to observe the Z-axis. Two dimensional CAD is almost obsolete nowadays except for fields like civil engineering and architectural engineering

Three Dimensional CAD

In three-dimensional CAD, you will be able to see all X, Y, and Z-axis in a single view. Three-dimensional CAD gives the most realistic look of the actual object. 99% of mechanical designs have now adopted three dimensional CAD practice.

Popular CAD Software List

1. AutoCAD

2. Inventor

3. Creo Parametric

4. Solidworks

5. Solid Edge

6. Catia

7. Siemens NX

8. Fusion 360

What Is CAM?

CAM means computer-aided manufacturing. CAD helps to visualize a design and shows how it may function. CAM helps to decide how to make that CAD part physically. So basically, CAM software minimizes the gap between CAD and manufacturing. It acts as a bridge between CAD and manufacturing.

CAM software creates all required codes to run an NC or CNC machine. It helps to selects tools, decides a tool guide path, and other miscellaneous functions. You can feed those codes in a machine to make it perform

We all know that there are numerous types of machines. Not all CAM software can create codes for all machines. That is why there are different CAM software for different types of manufacturing operations.

How Dose CAM Software Work?

All CAM software needs 3D CAD models as input. Usually, all CAM software supports native CAD format files. If not, 3D models need to be exported to various neutral formats like Step or Iges before importing to any CAM software.

Once the CAD file is imported, the CAM software validates the data for manufacturability. Often the raw CAD data is not suitable for CAM. The CAM software fix all those manufacturability issues and prepare it for manufacturing

The CAM software then decides the tools that need to use, choose the tool path, decides when the coolant should be injected and all other function that the machine is going to perform.

Once all functions are defined, the CAM software creates the program for the CNC machine using G code and M code and other standards coding. The program is then fed into the machine.

Machines can read CAM programs very easily. The machine is then prepared based on the program and run all the function as specified in the program.

Popular CAM Software List

1. MasterCAM

2. AlphaCAM

3. EdgeCAM

4. Solidworks CAM



What Is CAE?

CAE means computer-aided Engineering. CAD software can not check how a 3D model will behave when forces or loads are applied. To check how those models behave under different loading conditions, you need to use CAE software.

CAE validates a design based on real-life constraints. It tells engineers about the robustness of a design and at what condition it may fail. Basically, all CAE software checks if the design will perform or not if you decide to manufacture that part.

CAE software can also check how the part will perform in different thermal condition. You can also check fluid flow using CAE software.

Popular CAE Software List

1. Ansys

2. Nastran

3. Hypermesh

4. Creo Simulate

5. Comsoworks

6. Autodesk Simulation

7. Autodesk mold flow

8. Abaqus


CAD, CAM and CAE brought a revolution to the engineering industry and this is the future. Hardly there are any industries that don’t use CAD CAM and CAE which automated the full product life cycle.

I hope you all got a brief idea about CAD CAD and CAE after reading this article.

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