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What is Programming-free CNC Control System?

人气:278Published time:2021/7/1 11:02:30

If you have many years of experience in metal machining industry, you will know that the traditional plate processing operation is very troublesome, including edge finding, running the meter, etc. when you want to machining a large number of plates of various sizes and specifications, it's a big waste of time and energy for programmers and operators, thus affecting the processing efficiency.

Because we are good at solving the key problems of the machining industry, it makes us wonder if there is a way to remove all the steps that need manual operation, so that the computer program can control them accurately? So the idea of developing an automated operating system sprouted in our hearts. Through the unremitting efforts of our engineers, a very practical operating system has finally been launched.

Our programming-free CNC control system mainly aims at the three functions of two-dimensional plane drilling, milling and tapping. It is especially suitable for stamping die mold manufacturers. The accuracy can be controlled at about 0.02-0.03mm which is enough for die plate processing requirements. The models of programming-free machine tools are YLF-650, YLF-850, YLF-1050, YLF-1270 and YLF-1580 respectively. The spindle stroke is 600 * 500mm, 800 * 500mm, 1000 * 500mm, 1200 * 700mm and 1500 * 800mm respectively, which are used to process die plates of various sizes. The system operation is also very simple. You only need to place the workpiece on the workbench, import the CAD drawing into the software, and simply input several processing parameters then click the start processing button.

Since 2018, our programming-free series YLF-850 CNC machine tools have been released to the market and have won unanimous praise from domestic customers. With the development of China's manufacturing industry, the labor cost is constantly increasing, which increases the factory operation cost. Our equipment does not need programmers to write G-code for processing, nor do we need very professional operators, It greatly simplifies the operation difficulty and saves labor cost, which indirectly creates profits for the factory.

We believe that in the future world, the cost of labor will be higher and higher, and the level of mechanical automation will be higher and higher. Therefore, we will not stop exploring the road of machines to liberate human labor and create a better living and working environment for mankind.
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