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How to Improve Metal Workpiece Machining Efficiency to Another Level?

人气:302Published time:2021/7/1 11:04:02

The ultimate goal of machining is fast and good. When the processing efficiency of a single worktable has no room of improvement, increasing the number of worktable seems to be the only solution.

Therefore, in order to solve the problem of this industry, we developed YLF-2640 dual worktable machine tool specially used for processing aluminum parts in 2017, combined with customized CNC system to make the operation more smoothly. Moreover, the row type tool magazine with 16 cutting tools capability has the function of automatic tool change, which greatly improves the processing efficiency and helps customers create more profits with less cost.

After three years of market and customer feedback, in 2020, we made some upgrades and developed a new model YLF-2650. The first is to increase the size of the workbench, the second is to change the welding bed into a casting bed, the third is to strengthen the spindle with BT40 type, and the fourth is to upgrade the CNC control system. These changes make the device more powerful and more widely used.

Our dual table machine tool integrates the functions of drilling, tapping and milling, which is especially suitable for batch processing of products in hardware, plastics and other industries. Through several years of practical application feedback, a number of optimization designs have been made, and customer satisfaction with products is also improving.

Our mission is to "make the operation simpler and the processing more efficient", so the constant pursuit of high efficiency and simpler operation is our permanent goal.

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